The Ergocheck


Meaning & function

The Ergocheck involves a measurement mat with 684 measurement points (pressure sensors) being placed on top of the mattress. When the mattress is placed on a soft surface, the support pressure at any given point on the mattress can then be measured. This means we can test how the mattress adapts to your body. With this test, quality becomes measurable and evident!


The Ergocheck measurement is an easy-to-understand representation of the pressure distribution between the person and the mattress.



The higher the value in mmHG is, the higher the pressure at the area in question. The pressure on the test subject person is low in the green and yellow areas, and the red areas indicate a high pressure. The blue areas are the problematic areas; here there is significant excess pressure.


The measuremnts of ergovital® mattresses show excellent pressure-distribution results


pressure scale


lateral position bonell

Bonell spring core mattress, 2,4mm spring steel, 7x24 springs, four-coil:

support pressure up to 50mmHG, poor pressure distribution


lateral position visco

High-quality visco-foam mattress, 20cm depth:

support pressure up to 47.8 mmHG, acceptable pressure distribution


lateral position vitalpur

ergovital® mattress, model vitalpur®:

support pressure only up to 37.9 mmHG, excellent pressure distribution


Test conditions:

Measured with subject lying relaxed on side Room temperature 18 °C Test subject: male, weighing 80kg



certificated quality

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