The premium brand: ergovital®


ergovital® is the premium range from ergomed GmbH. For years now, a specialist team of scientists and engineers has been developing ideal mattress systems so that you can enjoy a perfect night's sleep.

everything intercedes for ergovital®:


Scientifically proven: achieve more thanks to ergovital®


By using innovative ergovital®-materials together with the most up-to-date sleep research, we have succeeded in developing products for you that help you relax and recover and can improve your oerformance during the day! With unique combinations of high-quality cold foams and viscoelastic foams, the latest in mattress materials, sprung wooden slatted frames that are perfectly adapted to the sleep system, and pressure-relieving pillow systems we do everything we can to give you a good, relaxing night's sleep! The associated advantages for you include improved microcirculation in the outermost skin layers and technology that ensures a deep, relaxing sleep thanks to excellent pressure distribution. The strain on the spine and joints is reduced and muscle tension is relieved.


Your dream of a good night's sleep: ergovital®


We all know the feeling of going to bed, entering the fascinating kingdom of dreams and exploring the realms of fantasy;this is when we find peace, reacharge our batteries and relax. Only when we sleep do we really leave behind the burdens and stresses of our everyday lives, and it is here that we find the energy to face the new day ahead of us. Sleep is the basis of our existence and is essential for the human body.


Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it is important to have a healthy basis for a good sleep; so, to ensure that a good neight's sleep is standard and not a luxury, the team at ergovital® is busy working on the development of high-quality sleep systems that adapt to your individual sleeping requirements and provide maximum comfort. Lots of our customers tell us they now have a healthier, more relaxing night's sleep!


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